Tank Goodness For Friday!!


I apologize, dear readers, for not being here the last two weeks. Back surgery was on 2/11 and much more invasive than I thought it was going to be. My younger son was here to help me, but he had to unplug my computer to plug his in so he could work from here. Didn’t have a chance to let you know what was happening before he unplugged me! Hope you enjoy the story.

Pudge was a very busy cat! He was an inside/outdoor cat and loved to explore. He slept almost sixteen hours a day, so he had to make good use of the six hours that he was awake. This didn’t always happen to be pleasant for the humans he lived with, but he WAS a cat, after all! Cats do what they want and humans have to get used to it. There were a variety of things that he could explore outside in his own yard as well as the neighboring yards. There were flowers, grass, and bugs to play with most of the time; when the weather was good, he also liked to go to the local coffee shop and hang out with the customers. In the winter he liked to go out and dig through the snow.

There were a lot more things to do inside which always seemed to get him into trouble. He wasn’t trying to be a bad cat; it just seemed to turn out that way. He loved laundry day because the clothes smelled so good when they came out of the dryer. Why did the humans get so mad when he would lay on them? So what if they were clean. Another warm place was on the computer keyboard. Humans didn’t like that either. Geez! His racing around the house at midnight also caused problems. When’s a cat suppose to get their exercise?

One week it seemed like everything went wrong. One of the neighbors yelled at him and chased him out of their yard for stalking their pet Chihuahua. The mailman didn’t appreciate a playful nip on the ankle. Pudge knocked over some spices on the kitchen counter when he was chasing a moth. He barfed up a hairball in a good pair of shoes. He missed the end table when he jumped from the couch and ended up hanging from the curtain. He decided that he better leave home for a while and let things calm down. So he headed for the coffee shop.

Whut a Week

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