Smokey and George


What a crazy, busy week!! Time for another story. Enjoy.



Smokey loved to play outside! Any time he had the chance, that’s where he would be. If it was a sunny day, he would lie down on his back with his tummy up in the air to catch the heat of the sun. Oh, it felt so good. He could really take a good nap that way. If he was feeling playful, there were all kind of bugs, lizards, and other animals to chase. Sometimes, he just enjoyed smelling all of the pretty flowers growing in the yard. The yard was a comfortable, happy place.

One day, he had just dozed off when something hit him in the head! Thump! “OUCH!”, cried Smokey. He looked around to see what in the world had hit him. He was NOT happy to be disturbed. At first, he didn’t notice anything, but then he finally saw a brown lump lying on the grass. What was it? He was trying to figure it out when he heard a voice say, “Give me back my nut!!” A squirrel went racing past him, grabbed the nut, and ran back up the tree.

Since he was a cat, he was very curious. “Who are you, and what is a nut?” Smokey called up to the squirrel. “My name is George,” replied the squirrel. “Nuts are something I eat” Smokey couldn’t imagine eating something as hard and lumpy as a nut, so he asked George to bring it down from the tree and let himĀ  look it over. George did, and over time, he and Smokey became great friends. Later, Smokey wanted his humans to meet George and invited him into the house. The whole family loved him!

My Friend George