Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This has been one very frustrating week! My parents fought the water problem with the basement for years; now it’s my turn. Would love to open the windows, get out a chute, and have the dump truck start filling it with dirt! Started out the week feeling pretty good and thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish.

Sleepy Maine Coon

It started to snow and then rain.

Noah Called

I felt like my world had been turned upside down since all I did was mop up and wash and dry old towels and bedspreads.

Upside Down

But I kept on keeping on and hoping for a break.

I'm Not Tired Are You Tired

I was often wishing for this.

Momma Will Make It Better

Unfortunately, Mom is with the good Lord. So I had to figure out a way to stop this.

The Catterbury Tales

Get a sump pump, they said. It would be good, they said. Yup, this is how I looked while I’m putting it together.

This is How You Look Right Now

Now it’s put together and will hopefully make life a little easier. As this fellow says:

One of Those Weeks

I now sound like this every time I move!

I'm Not Old

I hope next week is better!


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