Ways to Keep YOUR Cat Amused


Going to share some more ideas from my friend, Colin. There are easy ways to keep your cat amused and hard ways. Here’s what he has to say.

A cat is an unique creature, as such all cats need unique entertainment. Below you will find a few helpful hints to aid you in entertaining a cat.

The lazy way:

A pool of catnip. If your cat likes catnip (what cat doesn’t?), a liberal amount of catnip will keep him or her entertained for hours.

Massive Catnip Growing Operation

The normal way:

A toy that you toss to your cat, he bats it around until he get bored and decides to take the toy to another room. The next step involves you running after the cat in a vain attempt to recover the toy. Don’t lose hope, you will get the toy back once your cat grows bored again.


A harder way:

Devise an elaborate maze to send a cat toy through, build it while your cat supervises and knocks things over. Don’t stop her, she’s having more fun than she will when the maze is complete.

Missing the Moat

The hard way:

Set fragile objects along various tables, sprinkle catnip around each object. Lure your cat near one of the objects with a toy, then sit back and watch as your cat enjoys tossing the objects off the tables.
Make sure you remove the broken objects before your cat plays with them again.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share any ideas you have about keeping a cat entertained.

Thanks, Colin! You can read more of his great blogs at Mageowl’s Blog. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.


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