Weird and Bizarre Cat Days


I do a newsletter for my church and send it out once a month. I started posted some of the weird and bizarre holidays for each month. Some of them are real crazy!! A lot of them revolve around food, like National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, and some are just plain silly, like Make Your Bed Day (isn’t that everyday?) or Be Late For Something Day. (Some people are always late) Anyway it gave me an idea for the blog. Here’s the weird days for this last week. Let’s see how our furry friends handle them.

Last Saturday, the 13th, was Positive Thinking Day. One look at this guy and you couldn’t help but do that!

Remember to Smile

Sunday was National Cream Filled Donut Day (Yum!!) This one wants his delivered.

Go Buy Something

Monday was Make A Hat Day. I think she had some help with hers.

Cute Bonnet

Tuesday was Collect Rocks Day (See what I mean about being silly) This cat passed on the rocks; he likes fish instead.


Wednesday was Citizenship Day. (Now that one makes sense!) You’re being a good citizen when you’re kind and helping someone else.

Every Cat Must Have Its Own Dog

Thursday was National Cheeseburger Day. (That’s another yum!) This little kitty made you a cookie because he wanted to trade it for your cheeseburger. (Sneaky little devil) However, you waited too long and he was too hungry.

I Made You a Cookie

Friday was Talk Like A Pirate Day. Couldn’t find any pirates, but found the Three Musketeers. That’s going to have to be close enough. However, they have the wrong day. Silly cats!

All For One and One For All

And finally, today is International Eat An Apple Day. Evidently the baby and/or the parents didn’t know that.

Watched Another Zombie Movie

Oh, well, such is life!! How did you do with this week’s weird and bizarre holidays? Like I said, some of them are pretty silly! Any comments to share about whether you liked this or not?

Marion Lovato is the author of Sam, the Superkitty.  Her book describes an ordinary cat changing into a superhero to protect his family from things that go bump in the night.  Available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition.


12 Reasons Your Cat Thinks That YOU’RE WEIRD!


I just finished going through the latest edition of a magazine that I received. I was laughing so hard at one of the features they had for the month and wanted to share this with you along with pictures. In order not to violate any copyright laws, the wording will be changed to protect the innocent. (Me!) Enjoy.

1. You don’t hang from anything!

Hang in There

Don’t you humans know that curtains are fun to hang from? Or anything else for that matter!

2. You don’t race around the house at odd hours.

The fun is finding out where you finally end up before you lie down to rest! It’s always a surprise.

3. You don’t sleep all day long.

Mission Get Out of Bed

Ruins the Day

There’s no sense in getting up if you don’t feel like it! We need our 15-16 hours of sleep. Humans spend too much  time and energy in worrying about everyday things. Just relax and be cool.

4. You don’t hack up hairballs or anything else.

I Don't Always Eat Spiders

Was That Your Shoe

Come on, what’s wrong with that. No big deal. If you have to get rid of something, you just do it. Which brings me to my next point. When you barf, you always have to do it in that big white bowl. Geez! You don’t barf on anything like chenille, silk, cashmere, or a sweater left on the floor. In fact, you don’t barf on ANYTHING good!

5. Some of you don’t raise chickens.

A Wild McNugget

Most of you don’t even pluck your own chickens or traffic in chickens in any way. Hummm, chicken sounds pretty good right now!

6. You don’t have cardboard box furniture.

7. You don’t stare at anything.

Fascinated by Nothing

What Are We Looking At

 Don’t you know that you have to keep staring because you might miss something!

8. You don’t play with packages that come in the mail.

Wrong Color

You don’t stand or sit on them. You don’t even squat in them. You don’t do anything except open them. What kind of weirdness is that?

9. You don’t use the couch as a play toy.

Spoil Sport

Don’t you know that’s what couches are for? As a side note, they’re great for clawing and sharpening your nails!

10. You don’t leave food on pillows or inside of shoes.

I Has a Car

11. You don’t understand the complexities of inside/outside.

I Was Looking Outside

12.  You don’t bite ankles.

Zombie Cats

But, zombie cats do bite ankles to get to the brains. You don’t bite your friend’s ankles or even your enemy’s ankles. Is that any way to play?

The magazine gave 48 reasons in all; I combined some of them. Didn’t have pictures for everything, so I chose the cutest ones I could find. Hope you enjoyed it!


Marion Lovato is the author of Sam, the Superkitty.  Her book describes an ordinary cat changing into a superhero to protect his family from things that go bump in the night.  Available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition.