Why Do Cats Rule the Internet?


What is it with cats and the Internet? Dogs and their owners have tried to get the same amount of attention by singing, doing tricks, being dressed in silly costumes, etc. They seem to go out of their way to impress us.  Cats, on the other hand, just have to sit there and look grumpy.

It Takes 16 Muscles to Smile

Baby animals in both categories possess the same distinction of being cute, cuddly and fluffy.  Puppies even have the benefit over kittens of staying cuter for longer. Then again, this is true of almost all species and still cats retain dominance over the entire animal kingdom online.

A Happy Kitten

Cat owners don’t take their pets to the park and talk with other owners like dog people do. On the Internet, cat lovers can share and show off that is not possible in any other way. Some people are of the opinion that  those who sit at computers all day are cat lovers, with no need to walk, bathe or play with their pet and they share a nocturnal lifestyle.  The dog lovers are all outside throwing a ball. I don’t agree with this as a cat owner; I play with my boys throughout the day would love to take them for a walk. But, I also don’t want them exposed to all the dangers and diseases out there.

Rub the Belly

Perhaps cats rule the Internet because they resemble babies. What? Stop and think about it. They both have big eyes, small nose, and a dome-shaped head. Maybe this triggers a nurturing instinct in us humans.

I Claim This Tiny Human

Fascination with cats is not a by-product of the Internet, however. Before that, they were worshiped in ancient Egypt as gods. (They’ve never forgotten it either!) Cats have been around in storybooks, cartoons,

Which Animal Did the Egyptians Worship

and movies for many years. Some became very famous like Crookshanks in Harry Potter books and a cat called Cat in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Among other immortalized cats are The Cat in the Hat, Puss in Boots, Tom Kitten, Moppet and Mittens, Scarface Claw, Mehitabel, Mog, Carbonel and the Cheshire Cat.

Cat lovers use the Internet to share and celebrate the laughter that these creatures can generate. Even though cats are hunters, they are also vulnerable. Perhaps this makes us realize how vulnerable we are also.

Whatever the reasons, it’s hard to argue with the facts. Cats do rule the Internet. Like the old saying:

Women and Cats

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