Why Your Cat Will Play With Just About Anything


For humans, summer is the time to play and relax as much as possible. Go camping, golfing, fishing, take a vacation or whatever you choose to do to unwind. Cats have the luxury of being able to play every day regardless of the weather or where they are living. According to a cat behavioral consultant, Daniel Quaghozzi, from San Francisco, most domestic cats are pretty bored. We, as humans, underestimate the amount of interactive play they need on a daily basis. We get excited about a brand new toy we’ve bought them, but most of the time, they prefer the packaging it came in! Sound familiar?


Let’s take a look at some cats playing with THEIR choice of toys.


They get their exercise for the day playing with this.

Out of Toilet Paper

Nice try, but not a good excuse!

Looks like Snowflake

Cardboard is always a favorite toy.

Truth in Advertising


Don’t think you’d want to see this!

Highly Trained Technicians

Or this!

New Curtains

Sometimes you might not even know they’ve been playing around unless………

Who Dun It

Pulling Crap

Sometimes they want to play with “little humans”.

Pets and Kids

They might get a surprise when they play with adults.

Spoil Sport

And, of course, there’s always the dog.


To sum up, cats don’t always get excited to play with the toys we think they should.

Cat Toys

Sometimes our cats can be too curious for their own good. And while it’s fun to watch them turn just about anything into a toy, we have to be careful about what they can get their paws on. Stringlike objects, such as yarn, can cause intestinal blockages or strangulation. Plastic bags can suffocate and the handles can get caught on a cat’s neck. Small objects could be chocking hazards. Always use your good judgement.

What kind of everyday materials does your cat like to play with? Would love to hear your stories.

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