The First Thanksgiving


Had to let you in on a secret no one knew about!

You’ve all heard the story of the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims and Indians sat down together to give thanks for what they had. It’s been written about in history books and told many times. However, there is a part of the story that you have never heard. It’s my pleasure to tell it to you now.

There were many kind of animals living in this brand new country that the Pilgrims learned to call home. The Indians killed only what they needed to survive so there was always large groups of animals roaming the meadows and forests. Some of these animals, however, were very small and not noticed by the Pilgrims. One such group was a little colony of hamsters. They didn’t trust these strangers and stayed as far away from them as they could. The mayor of this colony was Harry Hamster; his wife was called Minnie. Life was good and things were going well.

The first winter that the Pilgrims spent in America was very harsh. Some of them did not make it through  because of the lack of food or being sick. The hamsters watched all of this going on and couldn’t help but wonder why these creatures were so silly. After all, the hamsters had plenty of food that they had stored and they knew how to keep themselves warm. They began to feel sorry for these strangers and talked about ways they could help.

Minnie’s cousin, Fluffy, had a great idea. Why not leave some nuts for them! Everyone agreed that this would be the thing to do. When piles of nuts started appearing around town, the Pilgrims had no idea where they came from. The nuts kept coming, so the Pilgrims put them to good use by eating them whole or by baking them. Soon, delicious smells were floating around the countryside. The hamsters couldn’t resist the smell and found themselves coming closer to town. To their surprise, these strangers were actually very friendly. By the time of the first Thanksgiving feast, the hamsters had many friends among the Pilgrims. So, it was no surprise when the hamsters decided the join the Pilgrims and Indians on this special day. They had only one request.


Pecan Pie

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