Cat Racing is SO BORING!


Time for another original story!

Once upon a time, there were seven cats, two children, and a Mommy and Daddy that lived in the same house. There were quiet times when everyone was busy doing their own thing; other times, it could be very noisy. Kids and cats playing all over the house with each other or on their own. The cats could really entertain themselves with balls, yarn, boxes, or anything else they saw. The children sometimes would play with them too. Everyone had a good time.

One day, Mommy and Daddy started watching horse races on TV. They really enjoyed this. Pretty soon the children were watching with them. Those horses were so beautiful and ran so fast! It was so exciting to pick a certain horse to win and then see them go across the finish line. The children decided that they should have some races too. Since they didn’t have horses, they would race the cats!

The next day, everyone was busy planning how they would do the races. They needed a “starting line”, a “finish line”, and someone to start the race.  They used boxes with numbers on them for the starting line since the cats wouldn’t be afraid to go into the boxes. They spread out some yarn for the finish line because cats love to play with yarn. Everything was ready. Who would win? Would it be a tie? The boy yelled, “Go!’, and this is what happened.

Cat Racing

Marion Lovato is the author of Sam, the Superkitty.  Her book describes an ordinary cat changing into a superhero to protect his family from things that go bump in the night.  Available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition.