A Cat’s View of Fall


Eyesight is getting better. Going to reblog a favorite from my friend, Colin. Enjoy, and please check out his other blogs also. Mageowl’s Blog

Cats have a different way of looking at the fall season than we humans do. Here’s a few examples of how a cat might view the changing seasons:

Summer’s over… the sun is dying… we’re all going to freeze to death! Oh! A leaf is falling, it’s a toy!

There’s not enough sun… we’re all going to freeze! We’re… we’re… is that a mouse I hear? It is! Let’s play!


Leaves falling from trees? Changing colors, drying up… Mouse time!


White powder falling from the sky? No sun? We’re all going to freeze! Where’s the blankets?


Snow! Snow? Nap time, wake me in the spring.


It’s fall! It’s getting colder! Time to run around and play until we all drop exhausted!


Summer’s over? It’s starting to get cooler… that mean blanket time! Where’s my soft blanket?


As you can see, cats have many different ideas on what the changing season means, some love it, others hate it.

How does your cat handle the changing seasons? How do you cheer them up? I’d enjoy reading your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks, Colin, for helping me out!

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