Are You Happy Now?


Max was a long-haired cat who lived in a very warm climate. Fortunately for him, his humans had air conditioning to keep the house cool. He was very comfortable if he didn’t go outside. He drank plenty of water; his humans kept him brushed every day so the loose fur wouldn’t make him hot. Sleeping about 16 hours a day, sometimes in front of a fan, helped too. Ah, yes, life was good. However, his humans were always complaining about the heat and how miserable they were! He get tired of listening to it and would roll over to go back to sleep.

Finally, the heat started to go away. Now Max would go out into the yard, lie on his back, and let the sun shine on his belly. That felt so good! Sometimes, there were leaves in the yard that he could play with or use to hide. Yes, indeed! Life was still good for Max. His humans were still complaining though! What did it take to make them happy he wondered. He thought working and playing with the leaves was fun; not his humans! They still would be unhappy about the heat sometimes.

Winter started with a blast of cold air and many inches of snow. Max would walk on the sidewalks after they were shoveled, but he couldn’t go into the yard itself. That was okay with him. Now the humans were complaining about the amount of snow and how cold it was! Max had heard enough and had this to say to them:

Are You Happy Now

Marion Lovato is the author of Sam, the Superkitty.  Her book describes an ordinary cat changing into a superhero to protect his family from things that go bump in the night.  Available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition.

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