Jake, the Space Cat


Time for another original story!

Jake was born on the Starship Enterprise millions of miles away from Earth.  When he was old enough to be away from his mother, he could roam all over the ship.  The crew members treated him very well and enjoyed having him around.  Of course, if they were under attack, Jake would hide until everything quieted down.  This didn’t happen very often, but when it did, there was a lot of noise and confusion.  Jake always thought everything would turn out okay, so he was never too scared.  He enjoyed looking out of the windows and seeing the blackness of space and the twinkle of the stars.

One day Jake heard the crew members talking about “going home”.  What did that mean?  The ship WAS home, for goodness sake.  He learned that they were going to a place called Earth so the crew members could rest and take what they called a “vacation”.  They were very excited which made Jake excited too.  A new place to explore!  He could hardly wait.

Finally, the big day came.  Everybody was leaving the ship and Jake had to leave too.  One of the crew members carried him off the ship and into the Starfleet Command Center.  Jake didn’t know what to think!  He had never seen grass, trees, clouds, birds, and all of the other things on Earth.  He felt like his eyes were going to pop out of his head because there was so much to see!  As the days went on, Jake was able to explore everything around the Command Center to his heart’s content.  When it was time to leave Earth on another mission, these were Jake’s thoughts.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

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