The Cat Who Could Be Anything


Even when he was a kitten, Tommy’s mama told him that he could do anything or be anything that he wanted.  That really didn’t mean anything until he got older and was able to start exploring the world outside of the box he shared with his mama and other kittens.  It was a quite an adventure sometimes!  He would watch these things called humans, as well as the dog, and his brothers and sisters.  That gave him many ideas of what to do or to be, but nothing seemed to work out for Tommy.

For example, he thought he might be an alligator.  When he found out that he had to live and swim in water, that idea went out the window.  He thought he might grow up to be a tiger someday, but he didn’t have stripes on his body like tigers do.  He thought he could at least act ferocious like a tiger, but everybody just laughed at him.  He tried to be a singer, but his scratchy voice only caused more problems.

One day, just before taking a nap, Tommy was about ready to give up.  His mama kept telling him to try different things, but it just wasn’t working.  Tommy knew that mama was trying to help him, but he was not going to try any more.  As he got comfortable and fell asleep, he dreamed.  When he woke up, he KNEW what he wanted to be!

Cat Tree

Marion Lovato is the author of Sam, the Superkitty.  Her book describes an ordinary cat changing into a superhero to protect his family from things that go bump in the night.  Available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition.

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