Computer Problems? Sammy’s IT Department Can Make It Run PURR-fectly


Here’s a secret for you! Cats are far more intelligent than you think. Comes as no surprise to cat owners, but what we didn’t realize was how much we didn’t know. We thought that they just played cards on the computer like we do.

Computer Cat

However, we always suspected there might be some things going on that we didn’t know about and couldn’t prove.

One More Click and the Dog is Sold

But, what I’m about to show you now is beyond belief! They must go to school at night to learn this!

Pick Me

Don’t know how it came about, but here are 10 in-house tickets that our IT experts are working on.
Clear Browsing History

Clear Your Cache

Different Web Browser

Insert Mouse Joke

New Tablet

New Virus

Still Can't Log In

Two Step Verification

Word Processor

Performance Review

It’s kind of unnerving when you hear them say something like this!

Only Time Will Tell

But, they try to be as professional and courteous as possible.

Just Like Clockwork

Business is booming, so if you call in a problem, please be patient until we can get to you. We are working as fast as we can. Thanks for your understanding.


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